Brecon Carreg continue to support Beach Rugby Wales

Beach Rugby Wales are delighted to announce that Brecon Carreg are continuing with their support for the 2018 tournament.

Brecon Carreg will be ensuring that players will be kept hydrated throughout the day with the finest H2o in Wales.

About Brecon Carreg

Nestled in the beautiful Brecon Beacons National Park is the protected source of Brecon Carreg natural mineral water. Covering approximately 21,000 acres of South and Mid Wales the National Park safeguards our beautiful, rough and dramatic landscapes, a priceless national asset.

Our outstandingly pure natural mineral water begins life as rain falling on the hills and valleys. It takes an incredible 15 years to filter through solid layers of limestone rock before finally making its way to the surface, where our team bottle it at the source.

Brecon Carreg began life as a true cottage industry, on the Llwyndewi farm in the heart of the Brecon Beacons. Our name was inspired by Carreg Cennen Castle, the spectacular ruins close to the source of our water.

Our close knit team of 30 and their genuine passion for the countryside that produces our pure and natural water bring Brecon Carreg to life on a daily basis.

Brecon Carreg has never lost sight of what makes them truly unique; a local company with a real passion for producing an outstandingly pure natural mineral water from the heart of Wales.

We’re proud to say we have stayed true to our roots, whilst making Brecon Carreg the leading Welsh bottled water brand in Wales and the UK.

For more information please visit

#SeaYouOnTheSand #MadeInWales #BreconBeacons


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