Participation Rules & Advice

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Beach Rugby Wales advise all players to wear trainers, as Swansea Beach is a live beach and there may be shells under the surface of the sand and once the sand gets churned up with the matches being played there could be a risk of injury. If you play bare foot then you do so at your own risk, NO STUDED BOOT’S, EVEN MOULDIES.

Referees word is final, and abuse of officials won’t be tolerated and instant team dismissal with ban.

  • 6 players on the pitch with rolling substitutions.
  • One handed touch (between the shoulder and ankle).
  • Once touched you must stop travelling, over travelling will result in a penalty.
  • Once touched you must play the ball through your legs with your foot (Rugby League style).
  • The scrum half or ball player must pass the ball before he / she can score.
  • If the scrum half is touched before a pass is made, then it’s a Turnover.
  • 6 touches and it’s a Turnover.
  • No kicking
  • Referees word is final just in case you missed it at the start.
  • Each match will be a straight 12 minutes, there is no half time.
  • The start of the match captains will toss a coin to select direction of play.

There are two scoring opportunities on the pitch, a ONE point Try, and a TWO point Try. A TWO point try is when the ball is placed in the RED zone (Marker cones). However, you can cross the try line in the far corner of a ONE point try and run around to ground the ball for a TWO point try.

Pitch Rules / Discipline

  • Any foul play / back chat will be dealt with by the Referee.
  • Yellow Card – 2-minute sin Bin
  • Red Card – Player is banned for the rest of the tournament.
  • Spectator/Subs Involvement on playing surface during game time – Team/Spectator will be excluded from Tournament.

Please remember                                                         

  • This is a day of enjoyment.
  • We have VIP guests and corporate sponsors present.
  • There are families with children present.
  • If it wasn’t for the Referees, there would be no tournament so, please respect their decisions.
  • Any abuse of officials will be dealt with and not tolerated with the Governing Body being informed.


Although this a touch rugby tournament, we do call it Physical Touch as the teams that enter are 15 a-side squads and not your typical touch league sides and the occasional heated physicality might occur but as soon as the whistle is blown then that is the end, and we are all friends! Teams who don’t adhere to the rules and misbehave will receive a tournament ban.


This is a Rugby tournament, and we strongly advise that players don’t drink whilst playing in the tournament, supporters and extra squad members of your club who do drink then please advise them to drink responsibly and players/supporters will be asked to leave the tournament if they are overly intoxicated.


ENJOY the event, but remember who you are representing, your club.


Beach Rugby Wales does not accept any liability for injuries sustained at this event – other than caused as a result of our negligence.  Attendance at this Event is at your own risk.

Please remember to check yourself in to Stadium Beach Rugby Wales on the socials and use