Shiver Me Timbers….. Môr-Ladron join the Beach Rugby Wales Crew

Beach Rugby Wales are delighted to welcome Môr-Ladron Rum to the #RugbyFamily.

What more would you want on the beach to think youre a Pirate, a nice tot of rum, especially one that is made on the doorstep of Stadium Beach Rugby Wales.

Môr-Ladron Organic rum is made from the finest Cuban Molasses and rested in reclaimed oak barrels on Gower, inspired by a long history of pirates on the Welsh shores.

Beach Rugby Wales Ashleigh, said We are thrilled to have a new #RugbyFamily member in Môr-Ladron Rum, not only will it bring a great new taste to the Hospitality tentI wonder how many times my pirate joke will be told after a tot or twoWhat are the 9 letters of the Pirate alphabet? O, R and the 7 Cs

Môr-Ladron Spirits Director Dafydd Morris said I am a big fan of the Beach Rugby Wales event. The perfect combination of a day of rugby and a day at the beach. When Ashleigh approached us about Beach Rugby Wales, we thought what a great event to be involved with.

Scott Osborne Brand Ambassador said We cant wait to introduce our 3 distinctive Rum blends to the hospitality tent as we are all avid rugby supporters.

About Môr-Ladron

The Môr-Ladron Story

Established in 2020 our goal is to bring you the finest rum, aged and spiced in Wales. Our inspiration is drawn from the long history of Welsh pirates, and wreckers with our brand images drawn from pirate tattoos and Welsh history.

The inspiration for the name comes from the Welsh word for pirates, Môr-Ladron directly translates as sea thieves.  Many Welsh pirates and smugglers gave inspiration to the creation of the new rum including John Lucas who plied his trade around the Gower coast.