No Glass Bottles….. Plastic’s Fantastic.


FSG Beach Rugby Wales Swansea will be taking a zero tolerance policy on glass bottles at this years event. This is due to limiting the broken glass within the spectator and team areas and for the safety of spectators and participants, plastic bottles and cans are ok but no glass! We are working with South Wales Police and the Local Authority and this has been asked of by both parties just for our teams and spectators to be in a safe environment.

Anyone with drinks in glass containers will have them confiscated and disposed off by event stewards. We want you to enjoy the event but also want you to remain safe.

There will also be bin bags for your rubbish available throughout the day and we also want you to recycle, recycling bags will be available also for plastics and tins.

#SeaYouOnTheSand July 23rd

Ash & Gar

14.06.16 Beach Rugby Wales Promo
14.06.16 Beach Rugby Wales Promo